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What makes someone think of suicide?

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

There is rarely a single thing that makes someone want to end their own life.

Experts believe that a number of complex issues can make someone feel this way.

If someone is thinking about suicide, they often feel nothing will help with the problems that are making them feel suicidal.

Certain things can make someone more likely to think about suicide.

These might include:

  • difficult life events – such as having a traumatic childhood or experiencing physical or emotional abuse,

  • something upsetting or life-changing happening such as a relationship ending or a loved one dying,

  • misusing drugs or alcohol,

  • living alone or having little social contact with other people,

  • having a mental health condition such as depression, schizophrenia or personality disorder,

  • having a physical health condition, especially if this causes pain or serious disability,

  • problems with work or money.


Why do people choose to end their lives?

  • A person may choose to end their lives to:

  • escape what they feels is an impossible situation,

  • relieve unbearable thoughts or feelings,

  • relieve physical pain or incapacity.


What kind of thoughts might someone have?

When someone feels suicidal, they may have some of the thoughts listed below.

  • "I have let myself and other people down."

  • "What is the point in living?"

  • "I will never find a way out of my problem."

  • "I have lost everything."

  • "Things will never get better for me."

  • "Nobody cares about me."


Some people might feel confused why they want to take their own life.

Some people may definitely want to die while some people may not care if they live or die.

Some people feel guilty for thinking about suicide if they have people who care about them.​

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