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Is suicide and self harm linked?

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Self harm is something that may be confusing to the people around the person that self harms, "Self Harm", along with "Suicide" is often a Taboo subject.

Self-harm is when someone deliberately tries to harm or injure themselves.

Someone may do this more than once.

There are different views on whether someone trying to "take their own life" is the same as self-harm, some say survivors of suicide say it isn't the same and give the reason that "Suicide was a terminal way of ending their life, not a way of expressing their feelings, whilst other survivors state "their attempt at suicide was an expression of helplessness and a cry for support."

So we can see, people that are feeling suicidal have many differing perspectives on life, on how they feel, their role in society and on suicide itself.

What ever the case, it is fundamentally important that these people talk, whether it be, to a trained professional, a family member, a friend or simple have a friendly chat with a stranger.

People do not normally self-harm to take their own life. Instead, people can self harm to deal with emotional pain, punish themselves or express distress to other people.

If the person you care for self-harms, they may do this privately and may not want to talk openly about it. You can try to talk to them about why they do it.

Let them know that you do not judge them and are there to talk if they need to. If they refuse to stop self-harming then you may be able to persuade them to do it safely, or to try safer alternative methods. It is unlikely that they will stop altogether just because you have asked them to.

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