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"I found Jason easy to get on with from the beginning, I was able to talk about my current situation and how it was affecting me from the very beginning of the initial session, I would recommend Jason to anyone." - John F.​

"Jays calm, professional and easy to talk to manner made a very easy to talk about a very difficult subject, I was surprised how easy it was." - Karen T.


"I wasn't making progress at work, promotions kept on passing me by, I never really had any motivation, and felt that I never really fit in, Jason helped me understand what was going on in my life, now I am ambitious, succeeding at life and living it fully." - Tom Y.

"A great level of life experience and a calm manner." - R.W.

"I found Jason's details on a professional counselling web page, he was quick to reply and the message he sent had a lot of useful information on it. I wasn't sure about one to one sessions as I personally had bad experiences before. I went along to our first session with a great amount of trepidation. He was very welcoming and immediately exuded an air of understanding and empathy. As the session went on, I realised that I had made a fantastic choice, Jason was able to pick up on the fact that I was a visual learner. Jason has a fantastic, very simple way of explaining things which makes it easy to learn and progress quickly, I can't recommend him highly enough! He inspired me to be the best I can be and not let the chimp rule." G.P.

"Jason is someone who has walked the walk, doesn't just talk the talk. Jason did me the world of good during a very difficult time. He helped me reconnect with my family and gave me massive self belief in myself that I can achieve, even at my age. I would be honoured if you use these words and I don't mind being identified - there is no shame in needing help and telling it how it is." Richard Parsons.

Used to be my kickboxing instructor years ago and coming back years later he is still one of the most intelligent, thoughtful, inspiring, friendly and kind individuals you'll ever meet. AW

"I've known Jason since primary school and we have recently got back in contact. I can genuinely say from our growing up days and catching up with him that his life experiences and long training and qualifications makes him the perfect person to get in touch with whatever your requirements. A very clever world-wise man." WW

"Couldn't fault this man, had a few sessions a while ago and was one of the only counsellor that was able to help -

5 stars" JD

"Great level of life experience and a calm relaxing manner." RW

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