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Writing a "Manifesto Of Life"

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Do you know who you are?

Do you sometimes forget who you are?

or, have lost track with your loves in your life?

Sometimes writing things down can be useful.

It doesn't have to be long winded, but it has to set out vital point on "Who Your Are, Or, Who You Want To Be"

Here is Mine;

I am a man of my word, I am honourable, respectful and sincere, yet I also understand that I am human; it is during these human times that I will demonstrate the integrity of my character and choose the right option for the long run, not the most attractive option in the moment.

I understand that I am prone to judgement, when I catch myself doing this, I will reflect upon why I am feeling this way , and look sincerely for reasons I am feeling this way.

The answer “Because” will not be good enough

I have a responsibility to both others and myself to be the best version of myself to support, facilitate and enable others in their journey, and to live a successful and fulfilled life. I will do this my looking after my health, physically, mentally and spiritually. I will continue to learn, grow, and gain. Whenever I feel apprehension within a new learning arena I understand that this is purely my comfort zone being stretched.

“The sacrifice and strain today makes the skills and strength of tomorrow.”

There will be times when my mind will wander and waiver; there will be times when I feel weak, vulnerable and insecure. It is during these times that I will remember the boy, the teenager the young man that has overcome so much.

When I feel pain I will remember the times where I showed strength against adversity, and the defiance that I showed towards my tormentors, I will wear my battle scars as trophies, as a physical display that I was stronger than what tried to break me. I will also remember the delight that I felt in achieving what was once deemed impossible.

It is with this strength within my bones, muscle and sinew that I refuse to just “Exist”, I will not just succeed; I will exceed and excel in the quest whatever form that may take.

When the times comes to meet my maker, I will retire gracefully in the knowledge that I have felt the joy of positive change, and that I have enable the positive change of others. I will not feel sorrow, as I will know that I have achieved all that I was able.

I will not fear death, I will cross the bridge and meet my loved ones that have passed before me, and rejoice in the glow of love, understanding and compassion.

For I am a man of my word and I pledge this as my manifesto of life  - Jason Lawrence.

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