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My Ethos

When I'm asked about my profession such questions like, do I get bored? is it stressful? and, how do I handle listening to peoples problems all day?


"I always answer the same way"....

"I love my job, I don't like seeing people in a bad way.

But I love seeing people push through the other side of what is blocking them now, being part of the healing / recovery process and seeing the person achieve their very own personal potential is an amazing experience." 

I work hard at my job, I give my clients my all, I tailor each and every session to the clients unique needs, I research clients specific needs as I realise that learning never stops, I also keep my self in good condition, as I believe I need to be my personal best to accommodate and support my clients needs.

Its a sad fact that at times the world isn't all sunshine and rainbows, it can be a very mean and nasty place.

During stressful times our belief within ourselves may feel diminished and it may be helpful to speak to someone in regards to these concerns, worries and emotions. Family and friends may seem like a good solution, although you may not want to burden these people with your problems.

During these emotionally strained times it is often helpful to speak with a professionally trained individual in an ethical and confidential manner with regards to these issues, that is where I possibly come in."

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