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10 Things a successful couple do.

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

A successful couple needs “Connection” and this comes in many forms, exactly like a electrical circuit - the stronger the connection, the better the flow, the better it will work.

An example to the opposite of this would be a couple that are stuck in a rut, who neglect each others needs,and then through resentment start to  take it out on each other, normally through bickering.

Here is my take on what makes a successful relationship -

1) Nurturing, kind yet honest  communication -

communicating is the key. The more you communicate, the closer you will be.

Keep it honest, yet kind, consider how your words will be interpreted by the other person.

2) Try not to “Butt Heads” -

harness each others differences and use them as ways of seeing things outside of what you are comfortable with. Use each others strengths to become a multi faceted efficient and effective team.

3) “Beat the boredom” -

and don’t forget to Laugh  - lack of fun, lack of excitement will possibly lead to one or both seeking it else where. Discuss what you like to do, where you’d like to go, and how you both like to have fun. Then go do it.

4) Share “life lessons” with each other -

but don’t preach. Communicate in a nurturing connective manner, not as a authoritarian.

Be a “Partner” not a “Parent”.

5) Lift each other up -

validate and support. Become each others “Go to” people.

6) Keep the “Spark” alive -

There has to be the desire to be together as a couple.

You may think the spark has gone, but there are many ways to rekindle it.

All you have to do is try.

7) Working towards a “common goal” -

share dreams that resonate with both of you and individually.

Make sure you always have something to look forward to and that you are pursuing it as a couple.

8) Forgive, weather the storm, let things go, and move beyond it.

There will be things that you can’t fix.

Understand that, and get your head round it.

9) Share new experiences -

Jump outside of your comfort zone “Together”.

10) Admit when you are wrong -

and seek the gift of your partners kindness and forgiveness.

If your relationship is in troubled waters some or all of the above may seem like hard work, it may seem like a good idea to find someone else, it may seem appealing or desirable, but before you make any radical decision,try to remember the person you first met, and remember the person “you” first was, when you first met.

Use the list above to help you “Meet Again”

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