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Warrior Weekend Retreat Sponsorship

As part of the Men Don't Talk Team believe "Talking Therapy" should be available to all.


My Vision is to Get The Help to the people that need us the most.

The Homeless, The Ex Squaddies, The Disable, Those that find the counselling room stuffy and those on low income.

That is why we offer various rates of Sponsorship through the Men Don't Talk Program.


If you can say "Yes" to any of the following, you may be eligible for a reduced rate or a sponsorship.

  • Ex armed forces?

  • Homeless?

  • Sofa Surfing?

  • A Student?

  • In debt?

  • Not in full time employment?

  • Disabled?

  • Low income?

  • On benefits?

  • Lone parent?

  • Carer To disabled spouse?

  • Carer to disabled children?

  • Or any other form of social, financial, physical, environmental impairment?

  • Been separated from children?


  • And,Or Suffering from any of the following -

  • Anxiety?

  • Depression?

  • PTSD?

  • Eating disorders?

  • Sleep disorders?

  • Relationship breakdowns?

  • Low self esteem?

  • Confidence issues?

  • Gambling Addiction?

  • Loneliness?

  • Anger?

  • Felt suicidal?

  • Urges to self harm?

  • Thoughts of harming others (even if not acted upon)?

  • Problems communicating?

  • Procrastination?

  • Negative thoughts?

  • Social anxiety?

  • Or experiencing any similar form of emotional distress?

Sponsorship Rates

  • Full Sponsorship - Free of Charge

  • Partial Sponsorship - £50 for the weekend

  • Half Sponsorship - £75 for the weekend

  • Full Price - £150

(All the above charges cover, all meals, refreshments, accommodation, workshops, group workshops, and Counselling and Life Coaching 1-2-1's.

All we ask is that you bring a sleeping bag, an air bed and some pots and pans to cook on.

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