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Warrior Weekend Retreats

It's a fact that not everyone will feel comfortable with being in a counselling room, some people may feel trapped and frustrated or they would simply prefer being outside and within nature.

Some people may develop more readily in a group setting whilst being around "People of their own type".

- This is why I formed the "Warrior Weekend Retreat."

The Warrior Weekend Retreat is;

  • Set in a private idyllic woodlands camp site in Kent.

  • A self development workshop that utilizes Counselling and Life Coaching practices to help attendees understand themselves and further their lives in a positive way.

  • Aimed at men who wish to find what is blocking their potential and release the inner warrior.

  • A peer support group that works within the "Men Don't Talk" Project and helps promote positive mental health of men of all ages.

Who is the Warrior Weekend Retreat aimed at;

  • Any man from 17 years upwards.

  • Any man that is experiencing low mood, a disinterest of life, anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, bereavement, a relation split, redundancy, work related stress, stressful home life or anything similar.

  • Any man who wishes to develop himself to his fullest of potential.

For more information or to book onto upcoming events - Click Here

Sponsorship Rates.

I believe the "Warrior Weekend Retreat" should be available to all men regardless of current economic situation, that is why, through the Men Don't Talk Project I offer a "Sponsorship" discount on all "Warrior Weekend Retreats"

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Here is a little more info

Listen to what other attendees had to say

For more information and to book onto upcoming events - Click Here

Schedule a Session

Please contact me to book a free no obligation 30 minute in person, Skype or telephone initial meeting, where we can discuss your current situation and look at strategies going forwards. (please let me know days and times that you are available, and I will do my upmost to accommodate you within the next week or so)

Alternatively, if there is something else you wish to discuss please do not hesitate to contact me,


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