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What qualifies me to be your Counsellor or Life Coach?

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Well, I spent four years training to become a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, over this time I studied many different Theories and Approaches, but its fair to say that everyone is different, and has their own set of issues, and for this reason is why I am an "Integrative Counsellor" which means I mix these theories and approaches to suit my clients needs.

I listened to many peoples stories, I understood that the various issues these people had were unique and important to them, I developed an understanding of the uniqueness of everyday people, I believe no one is ordinary, everyone is unique,

and that's how I treat every client I see,

with total respect.

Over the years I have reflected deeply upon my own past traumas and the more recent implications of these. I have realised the deep impact of being raised in a abusive family, even though (before attending counselling) I believed my upbringing was "Normal" and "Firm but Fair", I too understood the behaviour and treatment I witnessed as a "child" became my "parenting" style. I therefore not only had to work through "being the abused child" but also being "the abusive parent." Feelings of anger, guilt, hurt and rejection to name but a few were felt by myself.

I found counselling sessions challenging, every session scraped away another layer of hidden pain, yet it revealed understanding. An understanding of myself, of others and of the events I experienced. 

I developed a unique relationship with my counsellor, a relationship of respect, and compassion was built, initially the counsellors kindness was met with interpretation from myself, I didn't trust someone if they were nice to me....I soon realised I had major trust issues.

Was it all worth it?

After a few sessions I began to trust my counsellor, a little longer I began to trust others, I also learnt to trust myself, my judgement and my own intuition. I learnt how I wished to be treated by others, who I wanted in my life, and who I didn't.

I can honestly say that I fully "trust and believe" in the counselling process.

Many Counsellors will not disclose aspects of themselves, as they believe it is unprofessional, I agree with this, to a degree, but I also believe that if you are to disclose aspects of yourself, it is only fair that I am willing to do the same.

As you can see I too have had to work through some tough challenges, some upsetting memories and some life changing events, and I believe that this is why I can help you, as I may know how you feel when it comes to tackling your own emotional challenges.

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